Family: Cactaceae
Habitat: Andes of Bolivia and Argentina
Cultivation: They are rather delicate and not very simple to grow, they require a minimum temperature of 7-8 ° C and it is therefore advisable to repair them during the winter. Watering should be rare, and it is better to avoid direct sun exposure during the hottest hours of the day.
Curiosities: The Weingartia have many similarities with the genera Rebutia and Browningia, so that the classification of these plants varies according to the relative scholar consistently.


The Weingartia genus is composed of small spherical or slightly oblong cacti that usually grow solitary. The stems can reach a height of 20, maximum 30 cm. They have a bright green color and are covered with spiral-shaped tubercles. The areolas are woolly, covered with a white fluff, and carry a series of short but very robust and clear thorns. The flowers are numerous, they are shaped like a chalice and sprout from the tubercles near the top of the plant. They have bright colors ranging from red to yellow, passing through the various shades of orange. They have roundish brown fruits.


As already mentioned, many consider Weingartia as part of the genus Rebutia and many uncertainties there are also on the kinship with the genus Browningia. These, however, are the varieties currently recognized at least according to the most common classifications. We invite you, as always, to look for it in our online shop, in the section dedicated to Weingartia.

  • Weingartia cintiensis
  • W. lanata
  • W. neocumingii
  • W. pilcomayensis
  • W. pucarensis
  • W. pulquinensis
  • W. pulquinensis var. mairanensis
  • W. tiraquensis
  • W. trollii


The Weingartia are less simple to grow than other types of cacti. Here are our general tips :

  • EXPOSURE: Choose a position in full sun but avoid direct rays during the hottest hours to avoid unsightly sunburn. If kept indoors, a dry and well-ventilated environment is recommended.
  • TEMPERATURE: We recommend never to leave them at temperatures below 7-8 ° C. In exceptional cases, with very dry soil, they can withstand even up to 2 ° C but absolutely not at temperatures below 0.
  • WATERING: Weingartia particularly fear humidity, more than other similar cacti. Water regularly every 4-5 days in the summer but only when the soil is dry. Fully suspend the watering during the winter.
  • SOIL: Use standard soil for cactaceae. It must be a soil that is not too rich and very well draining. Given the very small size of this plant, be careful not to bury them too much.
  • FERTILIZER: Fertilize in spring, once a month, with a specific product for cacti using half the recommended dose on the package.
  • REPOT: It is only repotted every 2-3 years, since the plant does not grow rapidly
  • REPRODUCTION: They reproduce by seed.

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