Tephrocactus molinensis


Opuntia glomerata andicola
Opuntia molinensis
Maihueniopsis molinensis


Native to Argentina desert area is a small segmented cacti . In habitat the plant stay smaller because the uppermost segments are detachable and easily fall off.
In cultivation grow as a small erect segment chain.


Tephrocactus molinensis is a small soft skinned cactus, up to 35 mm (or more in cultivation) with a globular or ovoid stem. The color varies from green to green-brown and easily branches.
At the extremity of tubercles there are a wooly soft areoles and trufts of glochids yellow of very variable color.The spines are absent.
The large and beautiful flowers are solitary and diurnal (open in the afternoon and close at night) are white, light pink or light yellow.


Cultivation is quite easy but you have to be very careful when moving or transferring it, because segments came off easily.
These cacti prefer a direct sun light at least 5 to 8 hours a day; if stay indoors a south facing windows is ideal , if put outdoors seat we recommend to protect them from intense peak afternoon sun.
These plants prefer a well-draining soil.
In summer water only if the soil has dried out completely. They are born to withstand drought, and overwatering would be kill them.
We recommended to keep these above 5°C in sheltered and ventilated places during the winter.


Cuttings are an easier way to propagate. Cutting can be taken at the base of the segment of a plant. Place it in dry soil and keep dry till rooted.


The name “molinensis” comes from Los Molinos, name of the original location, in Argentina, from which the species is native.

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