Tephrocactus aoracanthus


Opuntia aoracantha
Cereus ovatus
Tephrocactus ovatus
Opuntia pediophila
Tephrocactus pediophilus
Tephrocactus hossei
Opuntia hossei


Native to western Argentina (provinces of, Cordoba, La Rioja, Mendoza and San Juan). As all Tephrocactus grow in extreme heat and arid conditions.


Tephrocantus aoracanthus grows in groups reaching a size of 30 to 100 centimeters in height. The stem forms ovoid segments of 5 to 10 centimeters and a diameter of 4-8 centimeters. The spines usually appears only on the aureoles in the upper two-third of the segments. The spines are strong, irregular and 2 to 15 centimeters long, are black or dark grey or grey.
This cacti produces large pink-white flowers.


Tephrocactus aoracanthus is easy to grow, it produces new segments in spring.
It’s cold resistant: the winter safety temperature is 0 ° C (32° F) with dry soil but we suggest to put it in a sheltered and ventilated place.
Needs full sun exposition, with insufficient illumination stems and spines get thinner as a result of the lack of the sun. If you put it indoor , is ideal a south facing window. The recommended soil is a well draining and mineral soil .
Watering during the growing season (spring and summer). Keep dry during the winter


All Tephrocactus cacti naturally grow and form segments, and they can be propagated using this. Cut the segments and place it in a pot and keep it in a warm place until new roots emerge.
Alternative method is by seed.


The name of the genus Tephrocactus derives from Greek “Tephra” meaning “ash” which refers to the grayish color of epidermis.

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