Family: Apocynaceae Habitat: Africa: South-eastern Africa and Arabian peninsula. Cultivation: In general, a half-shaded position, an unfrequent watering and a well-draining, sandy soil will do well.


Family: Apocynaceae Habitat: Southern Africa: Angola, Botswana, South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe, in rocky slopes or sandy plains, in places protected from the wind, under direct sunlight or [...]


Family: Aizoaceae Habitat: Southern Africa Cultivation: Really easy to cultivate and propagate, they require little care.


Family: Asclepiadaceae (Apocynaceae according to some classifications) Habitat: Southern Africa Cultivation: It needs full sunshine, sandy and light soil to keep slightly damp (while being [...]


This name comes from Justin Heurnius, a Dutch  missionary of XIIth century, who is thought to have been the first to be interested in collecting and classifying the plants of the Capo di Buona [...]


The genus Cotyledon shares with the other Crassulaceae a good spread in our country: they are very beloved plants and purchased for various reasons, ranging from cheap price, lack of thorns (they [...]


The plants of the genus Crassula are succulent shrub, evergreen, with thick, fleshy leaves, often dark in color, which represent the main feature. Either the leaves or the stems have the function [...]


Although there is a big confusion for what concerns the classification of Avonie and Anacampseros, it is now believed that the Avonia is a separate genre with its unique characteristics. They are [...]