Family: Cactaceae Habitat: Mountainous areas of Bolivia, Argentina. Cultivation tips: Oreocereus are long-lived, tough cacti with a very slow growth rate. It is recommended to choose a bright [...]


Family: Cactaceae Habitat: South America Cultivation: Notocacti are slow-growing cacti, not particularly difficult to grow. Place them in a sunny spot with a well-drained substrate. Water [...]


Family: Cactaceae Habitat: Chile, in extremely dry conditions. Cultivation: Full exposure to sunlight, well-draining substrate, pay attention to watering.


Family: Gesneriaceae Habitat: Central and South America, rocky and dry habitats Cultivation: Easy


Cephalocereus genus is made of may species of columnar, slow-growing cacti, native from Mexico but widespread also in Brazil.


Abromeitiella plant are mat-forming succulents with spined leaves arranged in numerous rosettes. They grow slowly and sometimes form cushion-shaped rosettes.


Plants of the genus "Bursera" are adapted to tropical climates and temperate forests. They are deciduous bushes or tiny trees of various dimensions:.


Family: Cactaceae Habitat: South America, west side (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay) Cultivation: The wigginsia have a rather rapid growth and they bloom easily. They only reproduce by seed.


Family: Cactacee Habitat: South America Curiosity: Like other cactaceae, today it is considered part of the vast Echinopsis genus.


The genus Mammilaria refers to cacti plants originally from the southern United States and Mexico, though some of these plants can be found in Central America, in the Caribbean, as well as in [...]