Family: Aizoaceae Habitat: Cape Province, South Africa Cultivation: Rabiea isn't a demanding plant, like many Aizoaceae. A lover of warm climates, it can also withstand very low temperatures, [...]


Family: Aizoaceae Habitat: South Africa Cultivation: Being native to the Southern hemisphere, Conophytum have a growing season going from late summer to early autumn. Choose a bright location [...]


Family: Apocynaceae Habitat: Arid deserts of south-west Africa. Cultivation: Piaranthus are easy to grow and, in particular, it's easy to make them bloom. Water them abundantly in summer and [...]


Family: Aizoaceae Habitat: South Africa, in arid environments. Cultivation: Vanheerdeas should be places in a sunny spot, planted in a well-drained substrate and watered regularly during their [...]


Family: Asclepiadaceae Habitat: South Africa and Namibia, in arid, harsh environments. Cultivation: See below


Family: Asphodelaceae Habitat: South and East Africa, Yemen and Madagascar. Many of the species are endemic to South Africa. Cultivation: Full exposure to sunlight, avoid humid cold weather, [...]


Family: Aizoaceae Habitat: South Africa, where they grow among the rocks in arid and sandy areas. Cultivation: Not so difficult. Well-draining substrate, exposure to sunlight full in Winter and [...]


Family: Geraniaceae Habitat: Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Angola, in arid environments Cultivation: Avoid excess of water, full exposure to sunlight.


Ruschia is a genus of plants that belongs to the Aizoaceae family, native to the driest environments of southern Africa.