Family: Cactaceae Habitat: This species grows only in a very small area on the border between Argentina and Bolivia, in the province of Jujui, at heights of 3700 meters above sea [...]


Family: Cactaceae Habitat: Perù, Ecuador. Cultivation: Exposure in full sun, well-draining substrate, watering regularly in Summer and rarely in Winter.

Browningia hertlingiana

Browningia hertlingiana is an enormous columnar cactus, which due to its characteristical turqouise appearance is also called “Blue Cereus".


Browningia is one of the many cacti described and classified by the Britton & Rose botanists around 1920. They called Browningia in honor of W. E. Browning, director of the Inglés Institute in [...]


Extremely long-lasting Cactus (blooms arrive only after 30 years of age), it has its name for Peruvian botanist Nicholas Esposto.


This genus contains a single species, M. spegazzinii, highly sought  especially in monstrous and crested forms. According to some classifications, it should be part of the Cereus genus.


The Oroya genus includes small or medium sized cactus from  globular stem, which can reach a maximum height of about 20 cm and a diameter of 30. 


Its name comes from  Carlos E. Porter, a Chilean entomologist. It is not considered an autonomous genus: it was first considered to be part of the Echinocactus, and is now included in the [...]