Crassula “Springtime”

Crassula "Springtime" is a nursery-produced hybrid of C. rupestris, so it doesn't exist in nature. Anyway, C. rupestris is native to South Africa.

Crassula “Moonglow”

Crassula "Moonglow" is a tiny, beautiful succulent, with fleshy, grey-green, sessile leaves, tightly overlapping upon the stems to form stems like small, square columns.

Crassula “Garnet Lotus”

Crassula "Garnet Lotus" is a little, usually 1-stemmed succulent. Unlike other Crassula nursery hybrids, it has only 1 stem and so only one rosette of bigger leaves, a few centimeters long (while [...]

Crassula Estagnol

Crassula Estagnol is a nursery-produced hybrid, probably related to Crassula pyramidalis. It is a slow-growing, little plant, with the peculiarity of a spiralized leaves growth, so that its stems [...]

Crassula cv. Tom Thumb

Crassula cv. Tom Thomb is a nursery-produced hybrid, originated from a crossing happened by chance between Crassula rupestris subspecies rupestris and Crassula rupestris subspecies marneriana.

Crassula cv. Frosty

Crassula cv. Frosty is a dwarf succulent, similar to the cv. Celia, but with more elongated and pointed leaves, of a bright green, a little bit curved outwards, similar to little tongues.