Genus: Lemaireocereus Family: Cactaceae Habitat: Central and Central-South America. Cultivation: Choose a sunny, well-ventilated location. Keep the temperature above 10°C (50°F) and water [...]


Family: Cactaceae Habitat: Southern Arizona and Northern Mexico. Cultivation: Keep your Lophocereus in full sun and always above 6°C, as they cannot tolerate the cold. Water sparingly.


Family: Cactaceae Habitat: Central Mexico Cultivation: Choose a position in full sun and always keep your Marginatocereus at a fairly high temperature, at least above 6-7°C. For propagation use [...]


Family: Asparagaceae Habitat: Desert areas in Nothern-Eastern Mexico Cultivation: To make the caudex develop correctly, it should be left almost completely underground in young plants, to let [...]