Family: Asphodelaceae Habitat: South and East Africa, Yemen and Madagascar. Many of the species are endemic to South Africa. Cultivation: Full exposure to sunlight, avoid humid cold weather, [...]

Ceropegia armandii

Ceropegia armandii is an odd plant, often pursued by collectors. It's composed of a tuber from which a lizard-dragon-shaped slender stem develop.

Ceropegia simonae

Ceropegia simoneae is a peculiar, pretty plant. It's composed of a tuber from which a lizard-dragon-shaped stem develop.

Alluaudia humbertii

Alluaudia humbertii is a tropical perennial plant, endemic of Madagascar. It can assume the form either of a shrub or of a tree with a maximum height of 5-7....

Aloe rauhii cv. America

Aloe rauhii cv. america is similar to Aloe rauhii, that is the species from which the cv. “America” has been created. It is a perennial,stemless plant, which tend to form small groups of [...]

Aloe rauhii

Aloe rauhii is a rare endemic species from Madagascar. It grows between dense shrubs on sandstone. It's a threatened species in its natural environment, but it's successfully cultivated as an [...]

Aloe ‘Coral Fire’

Aloe “Coral Fire” is an hybrid, resulting from crossing of different species of Aloe for several years. It’s called “Coral Fire” because of its leaves’ margins, which are adorned with beautiful [...]

Aloe haworthioides

Aloe Haworthioides is native of Madagascar, but it’s also widespread in South Africa. It’s a really harsh plant, growing in the cracks of quartz upon Fimbristyilis formations.

Alluaudia procera

Aluaudia procera is a spiny, deciduous tree, almost unbranched. It can grow up to 10 meters in its natural environment! It has a really peculiar aspect.


The genus Adenia includes about a hundred species that cover a wide variety of shapes: from herbaceous plants to lianas, till real trees. Among these, however, only a few are part of the [...]


Euphorbias contain a poisonous latex that makes them, for example, dangerous for pets and very young children. Many of them are used in the pharmaceutical field.


Plants of the genus Pachypodium are succulent with various shapes and sizes, they are mostly from Madagascar. Most of them recall palm trees (in fact they are called "Palms of Madagascar"), [...]