The Dudleya genus takes its name from its main classifier, William Russell Dudley, director of the botanical department at Stanford University.


The genus Cotyledon shares with the other Crassulaceae a good spread in our country: they are very beloved plants and purchased for various reasons, ranging from cheap price, lack of thorns (they [...]


The plants of the genus Crassula are succulent shrub, evergreen, with thick, fleshy leaves, often dark in color, which represent the main feature. Either the leaves or the stems have the function [...]


In spite of the name, which literally means "big plant" (from the Greek "pachys” large and "phytos" plant), they are medium or small size and can reach 15 to 60 cm in height, according to the species .


The Aeonium genus is part of Crassulaceae large family. Its name derives from the greek word aionios, which means eternal, immortal, a name that has earned both for its strength and for its [...]


Widespread because robust and decorative, Echeveria are succulents, immediately recognizable due to the shape of the leaves: fleshy, ovoid, more...


The plants of the genus Graptopetalum in English are also called "Leatherpetal", that means leather petals: they have flowers with particularly thick and sturdy petals, although small and grouped [...]