Family: Cactaceae Habitat: Mountainous areas in Argentina, Chile, Perù, Bolivia. Cultivation: Trichocereus are tough cacti. that's why they are often used as . Nevertheless, it's hard to make [...]


Family: Cactaceae Habitat: Chile, in extremely dry conditions. Cultivation: Full exposure to sunlight, well-draining substrate, pay attention to watering.


Abromeitiella plant are mat-forming succulents with spined leaves arranged in numerous rosettes. They grow slowly and sometimes form cushion-shaped rosettes.


Browningia is one of the many cacti described and classified by the Britton & Rose botanists around 1920. They called Browningia in honor of W. E. Browning, director of the Inglés Institute in [...]


Its name comes from  Carlos E. Porter, a Chilean entomologist. It is not considered an autonomous genus: it was first considered to be part of the Echinocactus, and is now included in the [...]


The genre Copiapoa consists of globular cactus that, stretching with growth, assumes tubular shape. With time, also, the new stems grow next to each other forming  characteristic tufts.