Genus: Lemaireocereus Family: Cactaceae Habitat: Central and Central-South America. Cultivation: Choose a sunny, well-ventilated location. Keep the temperature above 10°C (50°F) and water [...]


Family: Gesneriaceae Habitat: Central and South America, rocky and dry habitats Cultivation: Easy


Plants of the genus "Bursera" are adapted to tropical climates and temperate forests. They are deciduous bushes or tiny trees of various dimensions:.

Cereus forbesii

Cereus forbesii is a perennial plant, and it has the aspect of a columnar cactus, with many erect stems. The stems are gryish-green, with many ribs.

Cereus repandus cv. Florida

The name "Cereus" derives from Latin and literally means "candle" in reference to its stem, which in nature tends to grow up to ten meters in height, developing in all its splendor with the [...]

Cereus azureus

Cereus azureus is an erected, columnar cactus. The stem is green or greyish, and in the adult plant the cephalium gets bristly.

Ariocarpus retusus

This species is a solitary geophyte cactus wich grows a flat tuberous body below the soil. It has divergent convex tubercles, nearly as wide as long; they present areoles at their tips. During [...]

Agave toumeyana

This Agave is native to Central Arizona. It grows at 800-1700 m in altitude, on rocky hillsides, chapparal, or on open limestone in lower pine forests. It can be found also on basalt slopes, [...]

Agave ‘Shaka Zulu’

This hybrid succulent forms a solitary rosette, that will slowly grow up to 60 cm and up to 90 cm across. The blue-green leaves have red margins with yellow, soft spines on the edge, and a short [...]

Agave potatorum

Agave potatorum is native to an area that goes from southern Pueblo state down to central Oaxaca and Chiapas. It grows in semi-arid highlands (at 1200-2250 metres above sea level).

Agave attenuata

Agave Attenuata may appear acaulescents, but the plant produces smooth, curving, and often branched trunks. The stems can reach 50 to 150 cm in length. When old leaves usually fall off, they [...]