Family: Crassulaceae Habitat: Native to the Canary Islands, it is mainly widespread along the coasts of West Africa. Cultivation: These plants are easy to grow and reproduce, but they cannot [...]


Aeonium sedifolium

This species is an endemism of the islands "Tenerife" and "La Palma" in Canary island. A species is "endemic" of an area when it is present only there. Its favorite environments are the eroded, [...]


Aeonium sunburst

Aeonium decorum "sunburst" is one of the prettiest plants from the genus "Aeonium". It's an evergreen shrub belonging to the family of Crassulaceae, that could grow up to 45 centimeters. As the [...]


Aeonium decorum tricolor

The growth pattern of Aeonium decorum tricolor is similar to the one of the other Aeoniums. This perennial, evergreen plant form rosettes of leaves, borne by thick wooden branches which give the [...]

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