Family: Cactaceae Habitat: Brazil Cultivation tips: these cacti that love direct light and heat: always leave them above 8-10°C and water regularly, taking care to dry the soil well to avoid [...]


Arrojadoa are rare cacti native from rocky habitats in northern Brazil. They were named after the brazilian botanist Arrojado Lisboa. These cacti have a rather slender and long stem, which can be [...]


Cephalocereus genus is made of may species of columnar, slow-growing cacti, native from Mexico but widespread also in Brazil.


Family: Cactaceae Habitat: South America, west side (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay) Cultivation: The wigginsia have a rather rapid growth and they bloom easily. They only reproduce by seed.


This genus contains a single species, M. spegazzinii, highly sought  especially in monstrous and crested forms. According to some classifications, it should be part of the Cereus genus.


Family: Cactaceae Habitat: South America, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay