Family: Liliaceae Habitat: Africa, Asia, Mediterrean zone. Cultivation: Substrate well-drained, temperatures never below 10ºC, and put it in half shade!


Family: Malvaceae Habitat: Tropical and warm-temperate regions of Asia, Africa, Oceania and the Americas. Cultivation: Full exposure to sunlight. Temperatures never below 6-10ºC. Careful with [...]


The Ipomea genus is very big and includes about 500 species of very different types and only a few of them are part of succulent plants.


The different species of the genus Kalanchoe have developed in many areas, of the globe, which are very far from each other, from Africa to Australia...


With the term Dioscorea it is indicated either the plant and the tuber that it produces and it is used as food by many populations of tropical areas. Other names with which these tubers are known [...]


The Cereus is easy to cultivate  and it is characterized by a rapid growth, this cactus is very popular either for the elongated stem


The genus Cycas belongs to the Cycadaceae family and it is very ancient: they were already very widespread, in fact, in the Cretaceous. Because of that it is difficult to circumscribe an area of [...]