Family: Cactaceae Habitat: Mountainous areas in Argentina, Chile, Perù, Bolivia. Cultivation: Trichocereus are tough cacti. that's why they are often used as . Nevertheless, it's hard to make [...]


Family: Cactaceae Habitat: Northern Argentina Cultivation: Chamacereus are tough plants and not particularly difficult to take care of. They require the same attentions as may other cacti, so [...]


Abromeitiella plant are mat-forming succulents with spined leaves arranged in numerous rosettes. They grow slowly and sometimes form cushion-shaped rosettes.

Acanthocalycium spiniflorum

Acanthocalycium spiniflorum is a solitary cactus, composed of only one globose stem which tend to elongate gradually along to the plant growth.


The Weingartia genus is composed of small spherical or slightly oblong cacti that usually grow solitary. The stems can reach a height of 20, maximum 30 cm.


Family: Cactaceae Habitat: South America, west side (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay) Cultivation: The wigginsia have a rather rapid growth and they bloom easily. They only reproduce by seed.


Family: Cactaceae Habitat: North West Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay Cultivation: Stetsonia is not difficult to cultivate but has a very slow growth. In winter it should be sheltered, but can [...]


Originally from the humid warmth of the Andes and the Pampas, the plants of the genus Acanthocalycium are decorative species that are appreciated either...


Denmoza plants are globular cacti, round-shaped when they are young then become cylindrical as the plant grows. Originated in the rocky slopes of Argentina, with altitudes of 2,000-2500 meters, [...]


Its name comes from  Carlos E. Porter, a Chilean entomologist. It is not considered an autonomous genus: it was first considered to be part of the Echinocactus, and is now included in the [...]