Argyroderma genus includes a bit more than a dozen species of aizoaceae that are part of the so called "living rocks" because of their particular...


Juttadinteria genus is an aizoaceae from Namibia's desert areas and savannahs. They are small plants: they reach 20-25 cm in height, they have a slow growth. From the green stem, a series of [...]


Originally from South Africa, but also spread in Namibia and more generally along the east coast of central and southern Africa, plants of the genus delosperma are dwarf ground cover plants  that [...]


The etymology of this plant derives from the Latin fauces by the similarity of the leaves (at least of some varieties) with the mouths of wild beasts: an effect given by the triangular compact [...]


The name comes from the Latin "fenestra", that is, "window": on the top of each leaf, in fact, there is a small, convex and transparent, chlorophyll-free part that allows the passage of light [...]


They are part of Mesembrantemi , or "noon flowers" that before were part of a separate genre while in the most recent  years they have been subsumed under the Aizoaceae.


The plants of the genus glottiphyllum are small characterized by long fleshy leaves, oblong, sometimes wider or more cylindrical


The plants of the genus Gibbaeum are dwarf succulents with peculiar aesthetic characteristics, originating in a small region of South Africa.