Agave scabra

Agave scabra is usually cultivated outdoors in borders or rock gardens; when cultivated in containes, it will grow more slowly and will get smaller.

Agave macroacantha

Agave macroacantha grows small to medium sized, in a usually stemless, compact rosette. It forms dense clumps from the offshoots, up to 60 cm tall and 150 cm wide. The leaves are straight, [...]

Agave xylonacantha

This succulent is native to Mexico (Hidalgo, Tamaulipas, Guanajuato, Queretaro) commonly cultivated as an ornamental on other regions. It grows at high elevations (900-1000 m) on mountain [...]

Agave victoria reginae

This succulent is native to the arid lower areas of the Sierra Madre Oriental Mountains in the state of Coahuila and south of Nuevo Leon (north-eastern Mexico).

Agave toumeyana

This Agave is native to Central Arizona. It grows at 800-1700 m in altitude, on rocky hillsides, chapparal, or on open limestone in lower pine forests. It can be found also on basalt slopes, [...]

Agave tequilana

This Agave forms a central rosette of glaucouse, rigid leaves. These are lanceolate and toothed, and can grows up to two metres long. After about five years of life, this Agave will sproud a six [...]

Agave ‘Shaka Zulu’

This hybrid succulent forms a solitary rosette, that will slowly grow up to 60 cm and up to 90 cm across. The blue-green leaves have red margins with yellow, soft spines on the edge, and a short [...]

Agave schidigera

This Agave is a small-medium sized succulent. It forms a symmetrical, stemless rosette, up to 60 cm tall. It looks similiar to Agave filifera, bu its straight leaves are wider, and it usually [...]

Agave potatorum “Verschaffeltii”

Agave "verschaffeltii" is a small succulent, growing a usually solitary, symmetrical rosette. The rosette is open, semispherical, up to 60 cm in diameter. Anyway,the size of the plant is quite [...]