Family: Liliaceae Habitat: Africa, Asia, Mediterrean zone. Cultivation: Substrate well-drained, temperatures never below 10ºC, and put it in half shade!


Family: Malvaceae Habitat: Tropical and warm-temperate regions of Asia, Africa, Oceania and the Americas. Cultivation: Full exposure to sunlight. Temperatures never below 6-10ºC. Careful with [...]


Family: Pedaliaceae Habitat: Africa, tropical or sub-tropical habitats. Cultivation: Appreciated as bonsais, well-draining substrate, exposure from direct light to semi shades.


Family: Agavaceae Habitat: Tropical Africa, India Cultivation: Easy. Pay attention to the tops of their leaves: if damaged, the growth of the entire leaf will be compromised.


Family: Apocynaceae Habitat: Africa, Australia, Southern Asia Cultivation: Unlike what you may think, Ceropegias are not so simple to cultivate. They are delicate and really sensitive to [...]

Caralluma hesperidum

The name "Caralluma" comes from Arabic and literally means "wound of the flesh", probably referring to the unpleasant smell that the flowers of this genus give off, just like Stapelia, which is [...]

Argyroderma delaetii

Argyroderma delaetii grows individually or slowly clump forming clusters at the ends of short prostrate stems. Is is formed by a pair of fleshy leaves upt to 3 cm high, either in clusters or solitary.

Anacampseros tomentosa

Anacampseros tomentosa is a short columnar succulent, up to 5-10 cm tall. Closely packed leaves cover the few, fleshy branches. Leaves are ovate-globose, dark green, surfaced with thin [...]