Succulent plant in winter

The care of succulent plant in winter requires a bit of attention that we will explain in this article. The care of succulent plant in winter, however, does not require much effort because at that time the succulent plants go into hibernation.


Since the first cold in autumn, interrupt the supply of water and fertilizer and verify, plant to plant, the presence of some parasites that during the winter damage, perhaps irreparably, your succulent. One of the most dangerous pests, that literally “sucks” the lifeblood of your succulent plants is undoubtedly the cochineal! If you think you have found it, then, with patience, you have to get, a cotton swab, some alcohol and remove it. Unfortunately, despite a thorough cleaning, it is virtually impossible to remove the eggs of the cochineal and then you will have to use the right insecticide. If the plant is in deep suffering, and it is not rotten, it is probable then that the cochineal have attack the roots: in this case the only solution is to remove all the earth from the roots, washing them thoroughly with water. Then proceed to a new transplant, using a specific soil for succulents. If you see some brown marks, it is likely that you should intervene and treat the plant with a product that affects the fungal diseases; but if the color of these notches on the foliage of your agave is almost black it could be due to an excess of water. In this case cut the damaged leaves, treated with the right product, and leave the plant in a dry place.


If you want to get a spectacular and intense flowering in April, it is preferable to leave your plant in complete tranquility, without giving water or fertilizer. Keep in mind that a plant, during the winter, can be grown and kept in a cool greenhouse, an ideal situation in the north of Italy, while in the South it can be left outside because the weather conditions are better. In general we can say that the succulent plants tolerate the low temperatures well, even negative but, in certain circumstances, for example if the plant had problems with pests, the low temperatures would be dangerous.

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