To take care of your succulent plants at home can sometimes be difficult, but if you follow these 3 advices of how to look after a succulent plant at home, then it will benefit without any doubt. Our 3 advices, regarding the care of a succulent at home, are the following.

1 – Exposure to sunlight (at least 6-7 hours)
When you have a succulent in the house, you have to consider that it will have more difficulty to intercept sunlight. Therefore we suggest you to place the plant in an area that is close to a window by taking into account not to expose it to sunlight directly because then too much heat could be harmful. So we advise you not to put your plants in the vicinity of windows that face south but rather next the ones exposed to the east. Please keep in mind that if a succulent plant does not have enough light will tend to lengthen, as if it goes to look for it.

2 – Watering yes but not continuously!
Giving the right amount of water to your succulent plant, that is in a flat, is essential. There is no need to water it daily! Our second recommendation is to water it to soak into the ground and wait that it dries well before spraying more water. It is important to consider that in the period of dormancy, crucial period for the plant for its development and its subsequent flowering, the succulent does not need a lot of water because it is not growing and there is no request for additional water.

3 – No glass container (possibly)
We advise you not to use a glass container for your succulent plant because it is not a breathable material. The risk is a possible proliferation of pests and molds due to the permanence of water. The advice is to use pots and containers of another material such as, for example, clay that, thanks to its porosity, allows a good flow of air that will wipe well the soil. And the succulent breathes better…


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