Senecio serpens


Curio repens
Kleinia repens
Senecio ficoides
Cacala glauca
Cacala repens
Notonia glauca
Senecio succulentus


Senecio Serpens is native to South Africa (Western Cape). It usually grows in rocky soil.


Senecio serpens is a perennial succulent that branches from the base. It grows to approximately 45 cm. tall and 60 cm. wide. It has fleshy curved, bluish-gray finger-shaped leaves about 9 cm long.
It usually blooms between spring and autumn.
The flowers are small, off-white in color with shades of yellow and pink near the stamen.


Senecio serpens is very drought resistant. It grows in winter, in summer needs very few water because it remain dormant.
The best exposure in summer is light shade but it also tolerates hot and sunny locations.
It is good to keep it above 5 ° C
If you live in a cold region, put it in a container that you can take outside during the summer and store indoors in the winter. It is resistant to about -5 ° C, but only for a short time and if the plants are completely dry.
The Senecio serpens needs well-drained soil, it is advisable to use a pot with one or more holes in the bottom to drain excess water.


Propagation can do by cutting the fleshy leaves. Remove carefully and leave the leaves in the shade to dry the cut. Then plant the cutting in moist sand.


The common name of S. serpens is Blue Chalksticks for the shape and color leaves.
The tips of the leaves turn purple in extreme heat and hard sun exposure.

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