Senecio rowleyanus


Kleinia rowleyanus


Senecio rowleyanus is native to South Africa.
It is native to dry areas where its stems typically trail along the ground to 60-90 cm. long or more, rooting at the nodes to form a dense creeping ground cover.


The stems are narrow, green and stiff and can grow over 90 cm.
It is particularly noted for its unique, almost spherical, tiny pea-shaped modified leaves which store water, minimize water consumption and generally facilitate plant survival in dry climates.
White, daisy-like, flowers appear on in summer. Flower structure is similar to that of asters. Flowers have the aroma of cinnamon.


Senecio rowleyanus is extremely resistant to drought. It can bear either sunny positions or shade.
It is not a cold hardy plant, so in winter shelter it in a dry place at temperatures above 5° C.
They need large drainage and infrequent water to prevent rot. Wait always for the soil to dry completely before watering again.
We suggest to grow this plant in a suspended pot, so that the stems can grow and stretch.


Senecio rowleyanus can be grown from seeds or cutting.
Easy for cuttings. In spring just cut the longest stems to form cuttings of about 10 cm. and place them to root in soil or sand kept constantly humid until completely rooting.


Senecio rowleyanus, commonly known as string-of-pearls or string-of-beads for the particularly leaves shape.
All parts of plant are poisonous if ingested.

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