Senecio Kleinia


Kleinia neriifolia
Cacalia kleinia
Cacalia terminalis


Senecio kleinia is native from Canary Islands, grow in semiarid habitat between 50-100 mt . In the wild it can eventually reach a height of several metres ,but the restricted root system of container-grown plants means that can averages 1 meter at home.


Senecio kleinia is a succulent shrub with green branches .
The stems, which are thick and stubby, branch in a whorled pattern, radiating out from the main trunk.
The clear spots on the trunk are the signs of the leaves that fall from year to year and leave a sort of scar that gives the stem the characteristic dotted. The leaves are bluish-green in color, linear-lanceolate and appear at the end of the branches forming curious tufts;
The life cycle of Senecio kleinia is unusual, is deciduous: the long, rather solid leaves appear on the ends of the youngest branches in Autumn and fall during the following Summer. The flowers creamy-yellow, blooms in autumn.
They produce fruits with long hairs that are spread with the wind.


Senecio kleinia needs full sun or light shade exposure and warm temperatures; it resists cold up to 7 ºC.
It is very resistant to drought, needs little watering in summer because they remain dormant. By September onward the plant will begin to grow and watering should be increased gradually until late November when the plant should be in full growth. It’s important waiting for the soil to have almost completely dried up before to re-watering.
We recommended to use fast draining soil.


They are propagated from cuttings or from seeds that germinate within a few days.


They are given the vulgar names Verode or Vero de Canarias. Because it is an endemic plant of this archipelago.

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