Rebutia Muscula


Avlostera muscola
Rebutia nicolaii
Cylindrorebutia nicolai
Rebutia wessneriana var.permutata
Rebutia permutata


Is a globular cactus native to Bolivia (Navarez ,Tarija) that grows in a mountain habitat (over 1500 mt.)


Rebutia muscula is a small cactus with a roundish stem covered to soft furry white spines that form a “ball”. Solitary at first, after will grow some offsets at base of the stem to form a compact cluster.
The flowers, are orange, funnel shaped with diameter of 2 cm that grows from the base of the stems. Blooms in spring or summer.
This cactus form a tiny fruit like a berry hidden among the spines.


Rebutia muscula is easy to cultivate, is very drought tolerant, needs a full sun or light shade. It’s required little watering: try not to get the soil soaking wet because this cactus is very susceptible to rot. Remember always allow the soil to dry out before watering again.
Hardy to -4 ° C but just for a short time and with dry soil (to avoid freezing)
In cold season we recommended to put the plant in very airy spot and sheltered.
Needs a soil with good drainage with at least 50% sand or pumice.
Repotting annually, better in late winter or spring.


Propagation is possible from seed or cutting.
R. muscula is easily to propagate from offsets which are at the base of the mother plant.
When the offset is big enough you can remove it and leave the cut to dry for some days. When the callous is formed put it in a new pot in a warm place.


The common name of Rebutia muscula is “Orange snowball”: covered in fine, furry white spines, this rounded cactus looks like a snowball.

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