Rebutia Flavistyla


Rebutia fiebrigii flavistyla
Aylostera flavistyla


Is a small globular cactus native to Bolivia (Mendez, Tarija) where growing in cluster close to the ground.


Rebutia flavistyla is a globular cespitose small cacti. The dark green stem 3 cm. wide, 4 cm. tall has a very visible tubercles and circle areoles with small softy white spines. Whit the age the offsets emerge to the base and form a cluster with the mother plant.
The flowers blooms in spring , are orange, very bright and funnel shaped (4 cm of diameter). Each plant manages to make more flowers that sprout from the base of the stem; they can remain open also for one week.


Rebutia flavistyla is easy to cultivate, is very drought tolerant, needs a light shade. Water sparingly in summer and remember always allow the soil to dry out before watering again because is very susceptible to rot. Stop to watering in winter.
We recommended attention with water allow to maintain the stem compact and the spines strong .If grown well gift a spectacular blooms.
The safety temperature is -4 ° C but just for a short time and with dry soil (to avoid freezing)
In cold season we recommended to put the plant in very airy spot and sheltered.
A soil with good drainage will help avoid off rot.


Propagation is possible from seed or cutting.
R. flavistyla is easily to propagate from offsets that grow in cluster at the base of the mother plant.
When the offset is big enough you can remove it and leave the cut to dry for some days. When the callous is formed put it in a new pot in a warm place.


The common name of the Rebutia flavistyla is Flame Crown or Orange Crown Cactus because during flowering the large orange flowers surround it at the base like a beautiful crown.

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