Rebutia Fabrisii


Rebutia fabrisii var. aureiflora
Rebutia fabrisii var. nana


This small cacti is native to Jujuy in the north Argentina and grows in mountain rocky soil.


Rebutia fabrisii is a cylindrical cespitose small cacti. Around the first stem grow the offsets to form a unique cluster. The green stem about 2 cm. diameter has a distinct prominent tubercles and circle white areoles with small softy yellowish spines.
The flowers are large compared the size of the stem, are dark orange and funnel shape. In variant aureiflora are yellow. The blooms is in spring season.
Is a very compact plant so you can easily put in your home in front of the window.


Rebutia fabrisii is mountains species so resist to thermal excursion. Is easy to cultivate, is very drought tolerant, needs sun or part shade. Watering regularly in summer and remember always allow the soil to dry out before watering again because is sensitive to excess water, could be rot. Reduce watering in winter.
The safety temperature is 0° C but just for a short time and with dry soil .
In cold season we recommended to put the plant in very airy spot and sheltered.
Use a soil with good drainage and deep pot with bottom holes to avoid rot.


Propagation is possible from seed or cutting.
R. fabrisii is easily to propagate from offsets that grow in cluster at the base of the mother plant.
When the offset is big enough you can remove it and leave the cut to dry for some days. When the callous is formed put it in a new pot in a warm place.


The name of the Rebutia species takes its name from the french botanist P. Rebut, a great scholar and collector of cacti.
The genus Rebutia belong to the cactaceae family and includes more than 20 species all native to South America.

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