Family: Cactaceae
Habitat: Mexico and Guatemala semi-arid areas
Cultivation: In greenhouse in standard soil for cactus, in full light, with low humidity. Outdoors in poor or poorly fertile soil, well drained, in the sun.
Curiosity: Its name comes from the fruits it produces, edible and similar to blueberries. It is difficult, however, to obtain blooms and therefore fruits when it is grown in a greenhouse


Myrtillocactus is a kind of small cockroach composed of only four species. This plant grows in the semi-arid areas of Mexico and Guatemala and its name is due to its  small edible fruits. Depending on the species, the Myrtillocactus can be found at sea level or up to 1000 meters of altitude. These cacti have short, bluish green stems and thick erect branches, with 5/8 ribs and spiny aisles. The flowers are born early in the summer and have a bell-shaped form with a short tube. Fruits, like blackberries, are purple blue. Myrtillocactus suffers low temperatures. If it is exposed for long periods at temperatures below 10 ° C, it may be seriously damaged and, even if it survives, it can have unexpected stains on the surface. Some Mexican Myrtillocactus species can reach a height of four meters and an amplitude of two.


The Myrtillocactus genus is composed of four species, but varieties and crosses are added. Below there is a list of species currently recognized.

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  • Myrtillocactus cochal
  • M. eichiamii
  • M. geometrizans
  • M. schenkii


Here are our cultivation tips for Myrtillocactus:

  • EXPOSURE: In greenhouse in full light, in a not humid environment. Outdoors, place it in very bright areas, possibly in the sun.
  • TEMPERATURE: If it is exposed in the cold for a long time, it may develop unhealthy spots. If the temperature drops below 10 ° C, please transfer the plant to a warm greenhouse. It suffers the humidity, especially in winter.
  • INNOVATIVE: Water moderately from spring to autumn. Keep the ground just wet during the other months.
  • LAND: In greenhouse cultivate it in standard soil for cactus. Outdoors in poor or slightly fertile soil, well drained. It is perfect for a  rocky or desert garden.
  • CONCIMATION: Use a non-nitrogen liquid fertilizer monthly during spring time.
  • REPRODUCTION: Myrtillocactus is a cactacea that reproduces by sowing (at temperatures around 20 ° C) or by stem cuttings. In the case of cutting  let the wound dry for at least one week before dwelling directly in the culture soil.

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