Mangave Mad About Mangave Pineapple Express


No synonyms are recorded for this species name.


Mangave Mad About Mangave ‘Pineapple Express’ is a nursery hybrid, like all Mangaves, thus it doesn’t exist in nature.


Mangave Mad About Mangave ‘Pineapple Express’ is a succulent perennial plant consisting in an appealing rosette of upright leaves that remind a Pineapple. Mangaves are hybrids between plants of the genera Agave and Manfreda. Mad about Mangave is the nursery that has officially marketed Mangaves, which are a fortuitous mistake happened when an accidental pollination between an Agave and a Manfreda. This enduring evergreen boasts an upright growth pattern, with succulent leaves emerging directly from the base, forming a distinctive rosette. The upper leaves stand more erect, evoking the appearance of Pineapple clusters – a nod to its namesake. These leaves exhibit a rich dark green hue, adorned with pronounced burgundy spots and adorned with tiny spines along their margins.


Mangave Mad about Mangave(R) ”Pineapple Express” PBR is a remarkably robust hybrid, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a low-maintenance plant. Thanks to its big size, decorative potential and remarkable resistance to adversities, it is the perfect choice for a rock garden if you live in a warm climate area. To cultivate this striking succulent, consider the following:
It thrives in well-lit environments, although direct sunlight during the peak hours of the day should be avoided. The plant tends to display more vibrant colors when grown outdoors and exposed to direct sunlight.
Maintain mild temperatures for optimal growth, ensuring it never drops below 5°C. During the winter months, it is advisable to provide shelter to protect it from the cold.
Moderate watering is recommended, but only when the soil has completely dried out. In spring and summer, a weekly watering is typically sufficient, while watering should be suspended entirely in autumn and winter.
Choose a well-draining soil, enhanced with inert materials like pumice, sand, or lapilli for added benefits.
Fertilization is not required frequently; diluting the fertilizer with watering once a year is ample.
Given its fast growth rate, repotting at least once a year is advisable to support healthy development.


The easiest and more effective method to cultivate Mangave Mad about Mangave(R) ”Pineapple Express” PBR is undoubtely offsets: Keep an eye out for offsets, also known as pups, that emerge at the base of the plant. Once they have grown large enough to handle, carefully separate them from the parent plant and replant them in a well-draining substrate.


The discovery of Mangaves would have remained a happy accident, unofficially traded between the hands of succulent enthusiasts, if it wasn’t for a breeder who realized that these plants combined the best characteristics of both the parent generas, besides being also very decorative.

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