Gender: Lobivia
Family: Cactacee
Habitat: Bolivia and South America
Cultivation: Cultivate using a product for cactus with a little peat soil. Be careful with watering, which should be scarce and only when the soil is dry.
Curiosity: The name of this genus was obtained by anagramming the word Bolivia, the state from which most of this species comes from. Today it is considered part of the vast Echinopsis genus.


Plants of the Lobivia genus are dwarf cacti originating in South America, which tend to grow in bush. They have a globular stem (which becomes cylindrical in the older specimens) and is branched by various horizontally ribs covered with thorns.

They bloom in spring / summer abundantly, with large flowers and vibrant colors – red, yellow or orange blossoming along the sides of the stem, never on top. To have beautiful blossoms, however, the plant must have had a proper vernalization: in winter must be kept in vegetative rest, in a fresh place and without watering.

They are very durable and long-lasting cactacea. A lobivia, if carefully cared for, can live for fifty years.


Lobivia according to most classifications systems is currently included in the genus Echinopsis, a genus that includes over one hundred different species of cacti from South America, all of them globally and slightly elongated.

  • Lobivia albipectinata
  • L. arachnacantha
  • L. boedekeriana
  • L. brachiantha
  • L. bruchii
  • L. caineana
  • L. carminantha
  • L. claeysiana
  • L. crassicaulis
  • L. densispina
  • L. drijveriana
  • L. einsteinii
  • L. euanthema
  • L. eucaliptana
  • L. famatinensis
  • L. glaucescens
  • L. gonjianii
  • L. higginsiana
  • L. johnsoniana
  • L. kieslingii 
  • L. krahn-juckeri 
  • L. leucorhodon 
  • L. leucoviolacea 
  • L. nigricans
  • L. pectinata
  • L. pygmaea
  • L. raphidacantha
  • L. rauschii
  • L. sanguiniflora
  • L. schieliana 
  • L. schneideriana 
  • L. steinmannii
  • L. taratensis 
  • L. tiegeliana 
  • L. titicacensis
  • L. varians
  • L. walteri
  • L. wegheiana


Here are our tips for cultivating Lobivia plants:

  • EXPOSURE: The Lobivia requires the full sun and in the house it must always receive a lot of light.
  • TEMPERATURE: During winter, it must remain in a cool and dry place, always getting plenty of light. It should never go down, however, at temperatures below 10 ° C.
  • WATERING: Wet regularly during the flowering period, waiting for the soil to dry between watering . During the winter there is no need for watering.
  • SOIL: It is easy to cultivate, it grows well in standard ground for cactaceae with the addition of little peat soil.
  • CONCIMATION: Dilute a low nitrogen fertilizer monthly in the water for watering in spring and summer.
  • REPOT: Only repot if needed, in the spring.
  • REPRODUCTION: Reproduction can take place by seed or by taking the lateral suckers, often present, and placing them directly into the growing substrate.
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