Gender: Lenophyllum
Family: Crassulaceae
Habitat: Lowlands of California, New Mexico, Texas (USA) and Mexico
Cultivation: In greenhouse cultivate in standard soil for cactus, in full light. From spring to late summer watering abundantly, reducing watering in autumn and keeping the soil slightly humid in winter.
Curiosity: They are suitable for shrubbery borders and desert gardens in warmer climates.


Originally from the California lowlands, Lenophyllum plants are bushy and small in size. In fact they reach a maximum height of just twenty centimeters. From simple, non-branched stems, there are triangular shaped pairs of leaves, with  concave and very fleshy page, and green or green-gray according to the species.

The flowering occurs between June and October, with small yellow five-petal flowers blooming solitary or gathered in racemas or end ears. The flowers are not particularly noticeable and the interest in the plant is mainly due to the decorative function of the foliage. For their simplicity they are suitable for shrubbery and desert or rocky gardens even in warmer climates.


Seven species of Lenophyllum are currently recognized:

  • Lenophyllum guttatum
  • latum
  • obtusum
  • reflexum
  • texanum
  • acutifolium
  • weinbergii.


Here are our tips for cultivating:

  • EXPOSURE: Always cultivate in full light, whether the plant grows in a greenhouse or outdoors.
  • TEMPERATURE: Do not leave it at temperatures below 5 ° C during winter time.
  • WATERING: Water abundantly from spring to late summer, gradually decrease the amount of water with the arrival of autumn until suspend it during the winter.
  • SOIL: The Lenophyllum can grow well even in fertile soils if well drained.
  • CONCIMATION: During summer it is recommended to use a balanced liquid fertilizer every 6/8 weeks.
  • REPOT: The repotting is not very practiced because it is likely to lose the ornamental aspect of the plant. Being small plants, however, is generally not necessary.
  • PRUNING: Pruning is generally limited to the elimination of damaged parts.
  • Plants of the genus lenophyllum multiply well by seed, by cuttings or by division of the bushes.
  • WHEN SOWING: sow at a temperature of 19/24 ° C, using a damp mix and damp sand in a shaded area and be careful not to water too much until germination.

For the cuttings, the easiest way is to use the leaf cuttings: It must be rooted in pure, slightly damp sand. Sprouts can also be used to divide from the plant in spring or at the beginning of the summer.

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