How to take care of succulents

This article will explain how to take care of succulents in your house or in your garden. Taking care of succulent plants requires a little attention but not a lot because succulents are, in general, resistant plants. However you have to take some precautions because they, like all plants, can get sick, suffer from diseases or pests, and then die. First, it must be said that plants sold by nurseries, in general, have been grown in a layer of peat which we advise you to remove as soon as possible. It is also possible to wash the roots completely, then allow them to dry for at least a week. If during this operation, a root is damaged, it is appropriate to cut it, by a cut, using a pair of clean scissors. Let dry the wounds well, before repotting.


In the market there are different types of soil already prepared, essentially consisting of humus but poor in minerals such as pozzolan or pumice. It is therefore preferable to “prepare ” a well-drained soil that dries completely between waterings. For example, a fairly classic formula includes topsoil ⅓,, ⅓ sand and ⅓ of garden soil. It is important to use a sand that must not be too fine. Avoid the sea sand that will burn the roots due to the high concentration of salt. The soil provides the organic substance. Pozzolan is a porous volcanic rock that promotes water drainage: you will use it in grains. Another inert, widely used, is perlite

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