Greenovia dodrentalis


The name “Greenovia dodrentalis” is actually a synonym of Aeonium dodrantale. Other synonyms are:

Greenovia gracilis
Sempervivum dodrantale
Sempervivum gracile


Originating in the Canary Islands, Greenovia dodrentalis primarily thrives along the coastal regions of West Africa, extending its natural presence across these picturesque landscapes.


Greenovia dodrentalis, a captivating evergreen perennial succulent, graces gardens with its presence, reaching a height of up to 2.4 inches (6 cm). These delightful plants display stemless rosettes that measure approximately 2.4 inches (6 cm) in diameter. Their unique charm extends as they offset generously, forming charming clusters that catch the eye. The foliage of Greenovia dodrantalis boasts a soothing shade of rounded, blue-green leaves, each adorned with a lustrous waxy surface that glistens in the sunlight. These distinctive features contribute to their enchanting allure, making them stand out in any collection or landscape. When the time is right, these alluring succulents burst forth with cheery yellow flowers, adding a splash of vibrant color to their surroundings. This captivating transformation further enhances the visual delight that Greenovia dodrentalis brings to gardens and plant enthusiasts alike.


Greenovia dodrentalis thrives in full sunlight, so make sure to place it in a spot where it can soak up plenty of sunshine. Maintain a temperature range of approximately 10-20°C for this plant. It’s important not to expose it to temperatures below 5-6°C to ensure its well-being. During the Spring and Summer months, water your Greenovia dodrentalis regularly every 2-3 days. However, as Autumn and Winter approach, it’s best to suspend irrigation. When watering, take care to avoid wetting the rosettes to prevent the risk of rot. When it comes to soil, using a standard cactus soil mix is recommended. Nevertheless, these plants aren’t overly particular about soil quality and can thrive in less nutrient-rich soils, as long as they offer good drainage. For fertilization, give your Greenovia dodrentalis a boost at the start of Spring using a specialized succulent plant fertilizer. Repeat this fertilization process at the beginning of its flowering phase. As these plants mature, they typically don’t require frequent repotting. Greenovia dodrentalis tends to reach its maximum size relatively quickly and maintains this size.


Propagation of Greenovia dodrentalis offers multiple avenues for success. You can utilize both seedlings and cuttings to expand your collection. Additionally, the plant generously produces suckers at its base, which can be easily separated and employed as cuttings to initiate new growth. This wealth of propagation options provides enthusiasts with a variety of methods to cultivate and share the beauty of Greenovia dodrentalis.


The name “Greenovia” is derived from the combination of two components: “Green,” referencing the characteristic color of the plant’s leaves, and “novia,” which translates to “bride” or “maiden” in Spanish. This name choice likely highlights the fresh, youthful appearance of the succulent’s foliage, which often displays vibrant green hues. The marriage of these elements in the name “Greenovia” encapsulates the plant’s captivating and verdant charm, reflecting its distinct visual appeal and botanical elegance.

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