Echinofossulocactus pentacanthus


  • Brittonrosea pentacantha
  • Echinocactus anfractuosus var. pentacanthus
  • Echinocactus pentacanthus
  • Echinofossulocactus cristatus var. pentacanthus
  • Efossus pentacanthus
  • Stenocactu obvallatus
  • Stenocactus pentacanthus


-It is native of Mexico.


-Echinofossulocactus pentacanthus is one the geographical forms of E. obvallatus: this cactus has a little stem (10 to 20 cm tall), with 27 ribs. Its ribs are corrugated with sharp edges. Each areole has 3 major spines on the upper part and two curved up on the lower part while the central spine is usually flat. It blooms in early spring, producing white-yellow flowers.


-E. pentacanthus needs very drained cactus soil. Do not overwater, allow the soil to dry between waterings; it needs very good drainage. Do not water during the winter months. It prefers full sun but half shade is necessary in the hottest hours of summer. If ketp dry in winter, it can tolerate temperatures to -5°.


-Propagate by seeds or by shots.


-Pentacanthus means “five spined”.

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