Echinocereus viereckii subs. morricalii


-Echinocereus morricalii


-It is native of the federal state of Nuevo Leon, in Mexico.


-Echinocereus viereckii subs. morricalii is a clastering species, its spineless stems branches from the base: stems can reach up to 50 cm long and they can become from green to purple when given enought bright light. Peculiarity of this species is that during the winter rest, this plant shrink up to one thrid of its size as it consumes its stored water: the plant become flabby and wrinkled, but with regular water it swell up again. Beautiful, bright magenta flowers appears in May.


-E. viereckii subs. morricalii is one of the easiest plant to grow and propagate. It requires full sun exposure and regular water in spring and summer. A cool place and good drainage are necessary for the plant to bloom; rot prone in winter.


-Propagate by seeds or cuttings.


-This plant is usually cultivated for its beautiful flowers.

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