Echinocereus pentalophus


  • Cereus leptacanthus
  • Cereus pentalophus
  • Echinocereus leptacanthus
  • Echinocereus pentalophus


-It is endemic of Texas (USA), Central and Eastern Mexico.


-Echinocereus pentalophus is a cactus that can reach 20 cm in height and extend to 100 cm. It has many weak, ribbed stems that branches above ground; they are purple to dark green. It can have 1 or no central spine and up to 7 short, brown radial spines (very stiff). In April-may the plant blooms, producing beautiful, huge flowers: they are up to 12 cm long, almost covering the stems, pink or magenta.


-E. pentalophus is a very easy plant to grow and propagate! It grows fast and blooms easily. Use a very porous standard cactus mix soil, but avoide limestone! Water well in spring-summer, keep it dry in winter. It is rot prone, don’t overwater it. Use pots with good drainage. It is frost tolerant for short period of time. It needs a period of cool rest to produce flowers. Strong light is also necessary for the plant to produce flowers: it likes bright situations inside but also outdoors. Provide half shade in the hottest hours.


-It is usually propagated by cuttings, but seeds can be used, too.


-It is commonly called Dog Tail.

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