Echinocereus parkeri


  • Echinocereus parkeri subs. arteagensis
  • Echinocereus parkeri subs. gonzalezii
  • Echinocereus parkeri subs. mazapilensis


-It is wide spread in many Mexican States: Coahuila, Nuevo León, Tamaulipas, San Luis Potosi, and Zacatecas.


-Echinocereus parkeri is a cactus that forms many stems up  to 15 cm high. Its clump is the smallest of its genus, it is deeply ribbed (6-10 ribs) , with 1-8 dark central spines and up to 18 radial spines. Flowers are funnel-form, 4-6 cm in diameter.


-E. parkeri is a slow growing cactus, but easy to cultivate. Avoid over-watering, as it is a plant that likes in dry soils. It is heat tolerant and needs brifht, full light exposure to grow. Water moderately in summer and keep dry in winter. It needs very dry environment, moist will stress the plant! Minimum temperature recommended is 5°C, but it can tolerate lower temperatures if kept very dry.


-Propagate by seeds of cuttings.


-E. parkeri can be grafted to avoid root rot (that can easily be avoided by keeping the plant in a dry and airy environment).

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