Echinocereus mojavensis


  • Cereus mojavensis
  • Echinocereus coccineus subs. mojavensis
  • Echinocereus triglochidiatus subs. mojavensis


-It is widespread in Southern California, Colorado, southern Nevada, Utah, Arizona, California and in Baja California (Mexico).


-Echinocereus mojavensis is a cactus plant that can form very large clumps (up to half a mt in diameter with more than a hundred heads). Its stem is usually erected, pale green to blue-green, it is ribbed with white areoles covered in wool. It has 5-11 white spines per areole, one or two central spines that cannot be distinguished from the central ones easily. During spring, it produces solitary flowers.


-E. mojavensis is one of the easiest plant to grow. It is rot prone: keep dry in winter and use a well-drained soil. It needs full sun to bloom, water regularly in spring and summer (till October). It is a very cold resistant species, some are hardy to -6°C but others can tolerate even cooler temperatures.


-Propagate by seeds or cuttings.


-It is named comes from the Mojava River.

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