Echinocereus klapperi


There are not synonyms for this plant


-E. klapperi is endemic of Mexico Northwest (Sonora).


-Echinocereus klapperi is a cactus whose robbed stem branches, forming more than 100 heads per clump. It has 3-4 white central spines and 12-15 radial spines. It produces orange-red flowers.


-E. klapperi is an easy plant to grow: it needs full sun and good drainage (the plant is rot sensitive). Keep in airy location and well watered in summer, in winter keep it cool and dry. A good winter rest period will allow the plant to bloom. It is possible to grow the plant in ground in mild climate and well-drained soil.


-Propagate by seeds or cuttings.


-The plant looks whitish due to its spine colour.

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