Echinocereus enneacanthus


  • Cereus enneacanthus
  • Cereus dubius
  • Echinocereus dubius
  • Echinocereus merkeri
  • Echinocereus sarissophorus
  • Echinocereus uspenskii


-E. enneacanthus is widely spread in central, north and north-east of Mexico, New Mexico and Texas.


-Echinocereus enneacanthus is a caespitus cactus that form 50-100 or even more branches. Its stem is cylindrical, soft or even flaccid, green. It has 7-12 ribs, circular areoles 5-9 radial spines per areole. It also has 1-5, slightly curved central spines. It flowers in spring (April through June).


-E. enneacanthus loves full sun. It resists frost for short period of time. It needs very good drainage and moderate waterings to avoid rotting. Keep dry in winter.


-Propagate by cuttings, but it can also be propagated by seeds.


-Spanish common names are Órgano-pequeño, Alicoche Real, Pitaya.

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