Echinocactus texensis


  • Echinocactus lindheimeri
  • Homalocephala texensis


-E. texensis is very common in Texas and Oklahoma (USA). It is also widespread in southeastern New Mexico.


-Echinocactus texensis is a barrel cactus, usually solitary. The stem’s color varies with the habitat: it tends to pale grey-green in desert populations and grass green in eastern populations. It is widely ribbed, it grows up to 30 cm in diameter, 20 cm high. Spines are small but very strong: the central spine is straight while the 5-7 radial spines are decurved. It blooms in late spring, producing 5-6 pink flowers.


-This is an easy plant to grow! Growing season is in summer, but it tolerated frost more than other species. It is a slow grower and it blooms easily. Use very porous standard cactus mix soil. Roots are not very developed, as the plant stores water in its parts above ground. Use pot with good drainage. be careful with watering, as the plant is rot sensitive: water in spring and summer. If kept well dry in winter, it tolerates temperatures down below -18°C. It needs full sun: if kept in shade, the plant could even die.


-Propagate by seeds, but be careful: don’t put young plants in full sun.


-E. texensis is commonly called Horse-crippler: its low, strong spines were a threat to horses!

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