Echinocactus parryi


-Emorycactus parryi


-Echinocactus parryi is endemic of Chihuahua (Mexico).


-Echinocactus parryi is a solitary, globose cactus. It has a glabrous, green stem with round areols, covered in grey wool. The numerous ribs (usually 13) appear better in mature plants. White, dense spines hide almost entirely the plant’s stem and make harder for the flowers to open fully. Blooming season is in summer, when yellow flowers appear.


-E. parryi is not an easy plant to grow in its own roots (grafted plants are definitily easier to grow in not very dry conditions) as it is very rot sensitive. It is slow growing but very long-lived. Use porous mineral cactus mix soil and pot with good drainage. Repot the plant every other year, as its roots need plenty of space to grow. Only water in summer (but be careful to not give too much water), keep dry in winter. If the soil is kept dry, the plant can tolerate short period of frost, but it is better to avoid freezing temperatures. A full sun exposition is recommended, as it encourages flowering.


-Propagation by seed is not very recommended as it has a low rate of success, but it can be propagated by grafting.


-It is a very slow growing plant: plants propagated by seeds start branching only after 20 years!

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