Echinocactus ingens


  • Echinocactus karwinskii
  • Echinocactus platyacanthus

It is commonly called Large Barrel and Giant Viznaga.


-It is native of northeast and central Mexico.


-Echinocactus ingens is an usually solitary cactus, it is the largest of barrel cacti. Stem’s apex is flat and covered in yellow-white felt; it is also heavely ribbed and the ribs increase with age. The plant has one central spine and 6-8 radial spines: they all are straight, rigid and black/brownish. If large mature plants receive enough sunlight, they will bloom in late spring until summer. Yellow flowers will emerge from the white wool covering the apex of the plant.


-E. ingens necessitates full sun and good drainage: the last one is mostly important in winter, when the plant needs to be protected from frost. Direct sunlight will help to keep the plant healthy and spines and flowers beautiful. Use a very well drained soil to prevent crown and soft rot. This is a species that performs really well in containers!


-Propagate from seeds.


-E. ingens can live more than a hundred years!

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