Echinocactus horizonthalonius


  • Echinocactus horizontalis
  • Echinocactus equitans
  • Echinocactus laticostatus
  • Echinocactus pachycornis
  • Meyerocactus horizonthalonius

It’s commonly called Devil’s-Head Cactus, Devilshead or Turk’s Head.


-It is native of different regions of Mexico.


-Echinocactus horizonthalonius is a small cactus: the grey-green to grey-blue stem is flat-topped or hemispheric and it slowly grows up to 30 cm tall. A yellow-ish wool protect the apical meristem: flowers and fruits will develope from it. The stem has usually 8 ribs and round areoles, with 8 radial spines and 1-3 central spines per areole. Pinkish flowers are produced during the blooming season, from March to May.


-This plant is not easy to grow: it necessitates as much sun exposure as possible and care with waterings (it is rot sensitive!) so keep the plant dry in winter. Temperature should be kept above 0°C. Use a very well draining soil. Even if the plant need full sun exposure, half shade may be recommended during the hottest hours in summer.


-Propagate by seeds or grafting.

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