Echeveria agavoides cv. Aquamarine


-This is a cultivar of Echeveria agavoides.


-E. agavoides cv. Aquamarine is a nursery produced cultivar.


-E. agavoides cv. Aquamarine is a stemless succulent, with a rosette of fat leaves up to 20 cm in diameter. It is often solitary, its leaves are commonly emerald-green that tend to get red in summer. Leaves are aesthetically at their best from autumn to spring.


-E. agavoides cv. Aquamarine is an easy succulent to grow. It tolerates bright light, shade, different kind of soils, but it will grow at its best with full sun exposure (that will prevent “stretching”), outdoors and with adequate water. It can survive long dry period, but waterings during the growing season will allow the plant to grow faster and better. It is root rot sensitive: use a very porous soil and avoid excessive humitidy in cool winter. Temperature range during the growing season is 5-25°C (summer), but the plant can tolerate light frosts. Cooler temperature will make the foliage colours more intense.


-E. agavoides cv. Aquamarine is easily propagated by leaf propagation or division of larger clumps.


-Multiplication is commonly done by collecting the leaves on the flower stem or repotting some of the bottom leaves.

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