Dudleya brittonii


  • Dudleya candida subs. brittonii
  • Dudleya viridis

Common names: Silver dollar plant, Liveforever, Chalky live-forever.


-D. brittonii is native to Baja California (Mexico).


-Dudleya brittonii is a succulent plant: its stem terminates in a rosette of leaves densely covered with a white, waxy coating, called farina. “Farina” provides protection against UV and visible radiation: it reflects 80% in the UV and 60-70% in the visible range! As the plant grows, the old dead leaves hang on, forming a big rosette, covering the short, solitary stem. Inlorescence grows up to 50 cm tall, the plant blooms in late winter or spring.


-D. brittonii is a slow growing plant, it is drought and heat tolerant and needs moist cool winters. Use a very well drained soil, if grown in pots use a very porous mix soil. Sun exposure is important to avoid stress and remember that quality is better than quantity: provide ample light and protect the plant from midday sun in summer. About watering: Dudleya are summer dormant, growing season is winter! During summer provide no water, even if the plant may appear drought stressed: roots are not able to absorb water and moist soil might rot the plant. Water in spring and autumn. The older leaves can be removed for aestethic reasons, but they also provide a hiding place for pests.


-D. brittonii can be propagated both by seeds and by cuttings, but the second method is more popular (and easier).


-All the species in the Dudleya genus are known to live up to 100 years!

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