Dorstenia zanzibarica


  • Dorstenia holtziana
  • Dorstenia volkensii


-D. zanzibarica is native of Kenya and Tanzania.


-Dorstenia zanzibarica is a rhizomatous or caudiciformis perennial succulent herb. The non succulent leaves are placed in spirals. Solitary or in group, lateral flowers are green and triangular.


-D. zanzibarica is a fast growing plant: it needs warmth, fertilizer and a good amount of water (but be careful, it is susceptible to rot). Leaves need full sun, while the caudex prefer half shade; either way avoid direct sunlight during summer and use bright lights if grown inside. Soil needs to be very porous, add pumice or vulcanite. Allow the soil to dry slightly (never completely) between watering, keep it dry during winter and be careful when the plant has no leaves: don’t water it! Keep warm in winter, temperature must be kept above 15°C. Repot every two years using a pot with big drain holes.


-Propagation can be done by seeds or by cuttings. It is self fertile.


-D. zanzibarica was first described by Daniel Oliver in 1886.

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