Dorstenia foetida


  • Dorstenia arabica
  • Dorstenia crispa
  • Dorstenia forskalii
  • Dorstenia horwodii
  • Dorstenia radiata


-It is native of thiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Oman.


-Dorstenia foetida is a shrub, stem succulent; its leaves and shape may vary a lot. The caudex is a green trunk (up to 15 cm in diameter and 30-40 cm in height). Evergreen or caducous leaves grows in the stem’s tips: leaves’ color and shape may vary a lot. Inflorescences grow in a spiral pattern. This inflorescence is a horned, disc-shaped structure. The plant produces what it may look like a solitary flower, but that actually consists of many miniscule flowers.


-Dorstenia foetida needs warm temperatures and a well-drained soil mix: during the growing season, the plant needs frequent and fair waterings, but allow the soil to dry slightly (and not completely!) between watering. During the winter, the plant is partially dormant: waterings should be suspended. It needs bright light or partial to full shade and high air humidity.


-Dorstenia foetida are usually propagated by seed and cuttings.


-Inflorescence’s special shape is the reason this plant is also called “Shield Flower”.

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