Discocactus cephaliaciculosus


Discocactus cephaliaciculosus has many synonyms:

  • Discocactus heptacanthus
  • Discocactus boliviensis
  • Discocactus crassispinus
  • Discocactus goianus
  • Discocactus hartmannii
  • Discocactus lindaianus
  • Discocactus pachitele


-Discocactus cephaliaciculosus is a plant endemic of Brazil.


-Discocactus cephaliaciculosus is a small solitary cactus: the white cephallium is filled with red to black spines (up to 3 cm long). The stem is globose, 10-20 cm in diameter, 4-8 cm tall, segmented by 10-16 ribs. The spines are white, yellow or brown, becoming grey with age; the plant presents 5 to 8 radial spines as well as on occasional central spine. Its flowers ar nocturnal, white, fragrant.


-Discocactus cephaliaciculosus is not an easy plant to grow: it is easier to grow it underglass, but it can be grown in mild winter temperatures as well. It is a slow growing plant, that prefers very porous standard cactus mix soil (avoid substrata rich in limestone!). Use potassium fertiliser during summer. It tolerates full sun but prefers half shade in the afternoon; if grown inside, it prefers bright light. Strong light also encourages flowering and spines production. D. cephaliaciculosus doesn’t tolerate total dryness or too much water (Discocactus are subject to rot!)

Mantain the temperature above 15° C if grown on its own roots (8°C if grafted). It doesn’t tolerate repotting.


-Discocactus cephaliaciculosus is propagated by seeds or from grafting


-The stems are traditionally used to make candies.

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